Nile Valley Collective Members

Our experts specialize in a wide range of subdisciplines within Egyptology and Nubiology.

The majority of our members wish to remain anonymous. The following have opted to make their profiles public.

Solange Ashby

Egyptian language and religion (specializing in Demotic and late period pharaonic religion), Nubian religion, Hathoric priestesses, Ethiopic/Ge’ez, Kushite royal women.

Sally-Ann Ashton

Museum and exhibition displays, museum outreach.

Vanessa Davies, founding organizer

Historiography, Egyptian art, intersection of art and text, epigraphy, archaeology.

Debora Heard

Archaeology, text, iconography, religion, politics, women of ancient Nubia and Egypt.

Shomarka Keita

Skeletal biology including palaeopathology and biological distance, population origins and diversity in Egypt and in the Saharo-Nilotic region, biological variation in the Nile Valley and the rest of Africa, colonization of the Near East by Egypt, history of ideas about “race” and “racial” thinking.

Kimani Nehusi

Ancient Egyptian language, history, spiritual system, and society, Africa and its diasporas from ancient to modern times.

Stuart Tyson Smith

Archaeology of Egypt and Nubia, ethnicity, culture contact and imperialism, entanglement, secondary state formation, ideology and legitimization, funerary practice, ceramics and residue analysis.

David Wengrow

Archaeology of Africa and the Middle East, ancient art, Neolithic societies, state formation, history of inequality.

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